How to Care for your Hair at Home

IBE® Hair Extensions Home Care Guide

By taking care of your new hair at home, you will protect the longevity of your hair extension investment, in addition to keeping your natural hair and scalp healthy. Most extensions can last 6-12 months if properly taken care of.

The Importance of appropriate maintenance at home

Protect your natural hair, scalp & extensions investment with proper home care

Do NOT wear extensions down in chlorine or salt water. You must always first apply conditioner or oil and securely pull up into a high bun.

Do NOT pull or tug on your extensions while drying or styling.  

Do NOT Use sunscreen with Avobenzone.


Use a mineral sunscreen such as bare mineral, all other sunscreen WILL turn your extensions peach/pink and is not reversible!

Brush extensions starting at the ends, working your way to the weft line morning and night.

Use the palm of hand to protect the top of the weft line while combing or brushing.

Gently release tension on the corners of your row(s) after securing your extensions in any type of tight style (ponytails, braids, etc.).

Oil your extensions morning and night. The extensions are not receiving nutrients from the scalp and need the moisture the oil provides. This will extend the life of your extensions.

Use a satin pillowcase in order to maintain correct moisture. Other fabrics will absorb moisturizing oils.

Daily Reminders

After cleansing and conditioning your extensions, gently squeeze excess water from extensions while in natural fall. Immediately after, apply recommended leave in conditioner AND oil from mid-strand to ends on your wet natural and extension hair PRIOR to combing them out, starting from the ends with a wide tooth comb or wet brush, working your way to the weft line, but never combing over the top of the weft line.

After applying your styling products of choice, blow dry while leaving hair in natural fall, making sure the air is always pointing towards the ground. This will help keep your extensions detangled during the drying process. Never use a comb or brush while drying until the hair is 80% dry.

Once you feel that the extensions are dry, double check the moisture content at the weft line by holding down the cold setting which will allow you to feel where dampness is still present.


Always use stylist recommended shampoo and conditioner. Separate rows when shampooing, starting in the nape (neck area) working your way up the head, always leaving hair in natural fall. Shampoo above and below the weft line using the palm of your hands. Then apply conditioner from the mid-
strand down, making sure conditioner isn’t near the top of the weft line. NEVER gather hair on top of the head while shampooing or conditioning.

Shampoo and Conditioning